Best Fort Worth Neighborhoods for Families to Buy a Home In

Hi everyone! Fort Worth is such a great place to live (I’ve called it home for 46 years now), and it’s also a fantastic place to raise kids in.

It’s also a big metroplex, so when someone says, “Fort Worth,” you might mean the span of many miles and little suburbs here and there, so it’s important to get some information about exactly where you want to buy so that your family is safe, happy and satisfied with your purchase.

You’ll find upper echelon homes around the Bryant Irvin area – where two of the best college preparatory schools reside (Trinity Valley and Country Day). Those would be gated homes in the Mira Vista and Monarch Hills estates.

Westover Hills is another high ranking neighborhood for homes in a higher price range. It’s filled with retirees and families alike, so you’ll have no problem staying there long-term if you choose to.

Moving down a notch, but still in very nice homes would be the TCU area. While the college is there, the community has a big family feel to it – so it’s not overtaken by college kids, but rather supported by the residents as a whole.

Another fantastic family area is the Hulen area – which is nearby. Many of the kids go to Tanglewood schools – some of the best in the area – and those families form great bonds that carry throughout life. You’ll find a wide array of home prices here, too – and it’s close to just about everything.

Be sure to check out the Rivercrest and Ridglea areas, too. Both have country clubs that you can join, as does Mira Vista.

On the outskirts of the main Fort Worth area, you have some nice places like Benbrook and Crowley. Both have great schools – and you can find All Saints Episcopal (another popular private school) toward the west side, too. As you start heading east toward Arlington, you’ll find Nolan Catholic school.

One thing I’ve noticed about Fort Worth is that when it comes to great homes to buy in this area, you can look at either new homes being built or historic homes that rarely stay on the market long because they’re so highly sought after.

You’ll definitely find the people welcoming in all of these neighborhoods. Many have block parties for holidays and true friendships among the parents and children alike are formed easily to weather the march of time.

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